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Kankanba Farm Volunteers


Volunteering has always played a significant role in human development. Mostly, it emanates from a desire to share an acquired skill, time, knowledge or experience with others. Kankanba Farm Yard recognized this fundamental component of project establishment, development and management. Volunteers of all professions are welcome.


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The Gambia is a peaceful Western African country. It is just six hours flight from most European cities. The Gambia has a rich culture and the people are in general very friendly.

Kankanba Farm Yard is surrounded by ecologically and culturallyvery well maintained communities. The farm is situated 15 km from major touristic centres of the country. Long stretches of beautiful sandy beaches are within reach.

It may be very enlightening to share professional experiences with us at Kankanba Farm Yard. Accommodation is available on the farm. Volunteers will be given the opportunity to experience the Gambian way of living: cooking, going through the days in relaxed but effective way.

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Projects For Volunteers


  • Housing
  • Toilets
  • Fences

Animal Care

    • Cattle rearing
    • Sheep rearing
    • Reptiles
    • Birds
    • Bee keeping

    Plant Care

      • Manuring
      • Pruning
      • Biological pest control

      Tractor Operator

      • Operate the tractor to transport material in and around the farm
      • Water the plants
      • Determine and arrange repairs

      Human Resource Needs

      The establishment, development and management of an integrated organic farm needs well-defined human and technical resources. Global networking is essential to ensure resources needed for many projects. We believe that every individual can make a difference. The following areas of expertise are urgently needed:

      Animal Carer

        • Look after the cattle, sheep, donkeys and horses
        • Provide them with food and water
        • Wash and keep the animals clean
        • Inspect all animals daily and report any signs or symptoms of diseases
        • Insists that a veterinarian be involved when the need arises

        Agriculture Technician

        • Decide on the crop system to be pursued
        • Select the type and quantity of seeds to be used and the time of sowing
        • Production of bio-fertilisers, preparation of compost, trenches, and utilisation of compost
        • Pest and weed control
        • Plan the transplanting of seedlings: spacing, trench preparation, fertilisation

        Youth & Social Work

          • Organizing youth sporting and entertainment programs (football, music)
          • Sensitizing seminars about sexually transmitted diseases
          • Women’s group formation
          • Vocational training (sewing, carpentry, electricity, welding, cooking, etc.)
          • Adult literacy
          • Musical sessions: drums, guitar, flute and kora

          Experienced Gardener

            • Regular care of all plants
            • Continuing replenishment of the nursery to meet the needs of the farm
            • Arrange transplanting of matured seedlings
            • Decide on the timing and arrange the pruning of trees

            Farm Manager

            • Oversee the day-to-day operations of the farm. These include:
            • Assessment and conception: evaluate and estimate the human resource and material needs of the farm. Develop both short and long term plans to attain these goals.
            • Planning and outlining general strategies for the overall development of the farm
            • Supervision: control the quality and extent of work done by monthly employees and contracted works
            • Record keeping: Meticulously log all expenses, earnings, harvests, assets of the farm. Make periodic general inventory to ensure sustenance of acquired material
            • Public Relations: Organisation of meetings, receiving guests, and chairing seminars

            Harvest Marketing Technician Marketer

            • Conduct correct market research to assure best price for farm produce
            • Deliver farm produce to client
            • Receive money for delivered goods
            • Always involve farm manager about all purchase and sales

            Psychiatrist With Interest In Behavioural Therapy

            • Conduct therapeutic works
            • Look after the patients holistically
            • Relay therapeutic activities of the farm to institutions of interest
            • Arrange patient recruitment
            • Supervise the works of the psychotherapists

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