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Kankanba Farm Products


April to June
1200 trees, 5 tons unprocessed, 1.2 processes


May To September
850 trees, Species: Kent, Ket, Jour and Bakary-Ceesay 30 tons when well taken care of


September to February
1150 trees, sold unprocessed. Juice production is been planned. Over 20 tons are harvested yearly


All year round
450 meters of Lime line, over 650 trees, 10 tons when well harvested

Chicken Manure

Periodic, 3-4x a year
Chicken manure from a 2000-head layer chicken
Chicken eggs
All Year Round

A capacity of 2000 chicken, a guaranteed 500 eggs a day

Free Range Chicken and Meat

All Year Round
Chicken, some will be sold, cross bread with local chicken. Cross breeding of whiteLegon, Ba
Tourist daily visit

November To April

Domain To Be Developed

Tourist Over-night Stay

All year round

Domain To Be Devleoped

School Trips

All year round

Domain To Be Developed


Periodic on demand

Wood obtained after trimming trees 

Dried wood

Periodic on demand

Loads Of Wood


All year round
Seeds and leaves. Dried or fresh, 250 trees


75 colonized bee hives, 2 harvests per year

Bee Wax 

2 harvests per year, 50kg per harvest


50 rams for sale per year, spread over the year
The Farm has a total capacity for rearing 60 sheep


40 goats for sale, spread over year
The farm has capacity for rearing 50 goats


400 rabbits for sale per year, as meat or pets
Capacity of 500 rabbits, sell 400/year


All year round
Selected species on free range available


All year round
Various species can be reared, presently 10 on the farm
Hibiscus Flower(Wonjo)
September to November
Lemon grass
All year round

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