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Kankanba Farm

Bringing organic produce right to your table


Kankanba Farm Yard is a 20 hectares integrated farm located in the historic village of Sanyang, The Gambia. It is surrounded by several communal settlements, namely Bamindoro, Kunkuja, Tujereng, Brikama and Jambanjelly. The Farm Yard was established in 1998.


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Our Goals

Create a meeting Place for cultures

Provide abundant healthy farm produce for the Gambian populace

Provide activities with therapeutic effects for all

Develop behavioural therapeutic approaches

Teach basic aspects of culture

Provide recreational activities

Conduct agricultural research to improve the global environment


Twenty hectare fertile land, fenced and adequately protected. A 1000 square meters camping ground

with convivial fireplace and tenting facilities. Over 15000 fruit trees, A nursery garden, A herd of 25 cattleTraditional horse and donkey carts


Camping Ground

Cashew Plants

For farm residence and visitors.

A 1000-sqm area in the southeast corner of the farm is marked by a life fence containing bamboos, Moringa tree, Malina, cashew and lime. A meeting point, fireplace, playground, sanitation facilities and tents are convivially placed on area. It is intended for students of all age group, tourists and any nature lover to spend time here for recreational or educational purposes.

The perimeter of the farm has cashew spaced at 8m. The Northwest one third of the farm is name Cashew-Kourou with over 1000 cashew trees. Each year, new cashew trees are planted to replace old once.

Beehives & Bee Keeping

Bio Fertilisation


There are over 10000 fruit a tree on Kankanba. Because there are over 15 varieties, some will flower throughout the year. This makes it an ideal place for beekeeping. Thirty Kenyan type beehives are safely placed in the midst of cashew trees. The area is fenced and clearly marked for safety.

The faeces of animals on the farm, fish remains from the nearby fishing villages, peanut shells from the peanut processing plant, grass obtained by clearing the farm are all invaluable biomaterial. Two ditches measuring 10m x4m x 2m were dug in the farm. The above mentioned biomaterial is composted in these ditches and used to fertilize the various farming projects.

Two boreholes are dug. A series of storage and distribution system will be in place to assure adequate provision of water for drinking, personal hygiene and assure good animal

Moringa Line

Mango Plantation

Orange Plantation

A 600-meter long life-fence delimiting the Cashew and Mango fields. Here we have over 500 high yielding Moringa trees.

This represents the biggest part of the farm. Situated between The Orange and The Cashew Fields. Presently, there are over 1500 mango trees. Five varieties are to be found: Diour, Kent, Kit, Maya and Bakary-Ceesay.

Located at the entrance area of the farm. 1600 citrus trees with a large variety of oranges (Washington, Neville, Sukur, Japan and several mandarin species.

Baby Garden Nursery

Shop Kiosk

Lime Lime 

This is a 120 square meter area, located at the main entrance of the farmyard. It is central in the farming activities. Here fertile soil is mixed with extra humus, filled in polythene bags. A large variety of seed are nursed here. The main goal is to demonstrate how to grow plants from seed or cuttings to full plant. The seedlings are then either transplanted into the farmyard or sold to generate funds.

Convenience shop where farm produce and all what farm residents, visitors and the community needs are sold at affordable price.

A 400-meter long life-fence delimiting the Orange and Mango Fields. Constitute 350 high yielding limes trees.


A clay oven is built. It is used to bake bread in the traditional way using firewood obtained from the farm. Other food types (eg pizza, baked vegetables a, sweet potatoes etc.) could be prepared in this handmade oven.

Banana Plantation

A 150 square meter area has been set out for banana cultivation. Ditches (120x70x40cm has been filled with cow dung and peanut shells. With 2 banana suckers per ditch, presently, 1400 banana has been planted.


We grow an abundance of fresh farm produce year-round, as well as some exotic and seasonal varieties. We also raise animal products.

  • Seasonal: Mangoes, Cassava, cashew, orange, Sweet potatoes, Wonjo, Lemon
  • Year round production: beans, tomatoes, lettuce, cabbage, onions,
  • Exotic fruits: Heart-Fruit, guava, coconuts
  • Seedlings: All varieties and in all quantities
  • Animals and Animal Products: Cattle, Sheep, Dairy Milk, Honey
  • Honey
  • Bamboo wood for eco-construction

Market Place 

Marketing of farm produce remains a challenge for most farmers. Our production is primarily tailored to produce healthy fresh farm produce for the Gambian population (feed the nation). Local market women are engaged and empowered to sell farm produce in the major Gambian market places namely:

  • Serrekunnda
  • Tanji
  • Sanyang
  • Brikama
  • Banjul, Bakau and major national market places (Loomos)

National And International Marketing Of Farm Produce

Crop Harvest Period Tons / Year
Cashew March - June 50
Mango May - September 550
Hot Pepper All Year Round 15 - 25
Tomatoes All year round 25
Lemon Lime June - February 25
Oranges October - February 75
Moringa April - December 5
Hibiscus Flower September - November 5
Lemon Grass All year round 10
Sweet Potatoes All year round 25
Peanut September - November 25
Honey Every 3 Months 0.25

Farm Produce Processing

  • Conserving: fruit and vegetable drying, jam and juice production, cashew nut processing
  • Documentation
  • Graphics and Designing

Local Merchants



Hectares Of Land


There Are Possibilities Of Living On Kankanba Farm Yard In Ecologically Friendly Conditions:

Experience living in traditional round huts

Bird and animal watching

Plant caring

Creative arts and craft

Our Programs

Below we briefly describe projects, which are on going or in conception.

Activity Therapy

Activity Therapy

We believe in the old adage of “a healthy mind is a healthy body”. To this end, our professionals have developed a series of activities to assist people to manage their lifestyle to control diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, burnout, mobbing, as well as...

Weed Control

Weed Control

Biologic ecological methods are used to control weed on the farm. No chemicals!!

Activity Therapy

Activity Therapy

We believe in the old adage of “a healthy mind is a healthy body”. To this end, our professionals have developed a series of activities to assist people to manage their lifestyle to control diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, burnout, mobbing, as well as...

Animal Care

Animal Care

These include cattle, sheep, donkey and horses. They are adequately housed, fed and medicated. These animals are integrated in the farm harmoniously for therapy, biological fertilization and recreation.



A series of garden beds are constructed for all year around cultivation of vegetables: tomatoes, cucumber, greens, pepper to name a few. Appropriate technology is applied for irrigation, weeding, pest control and fertilization.

Peanut Cultivation

Peanut Cultivation

During the rainy season, from June to October, we cultivate peanuts. We use tradition methods to do this. The peanut straw is used as animal feed. The peanuts are used for cooking several Gambian dishes.

Round Hut Construction

Round Hut Construction

Thatched roof Gambian round huts are built as needed on various parts of the farm.

Signboards Designing

Signboards Designing

Phantasy-rich signboards are designed to improve communication and provide indications.

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